My happiest moment today:

For yesterday – because I fell asleep.

I took the time out to site see. The Delores Mission Area is nice and there is a park we can go back to and explore.

Then into the Castro. Adam really enjoyed running on the sidewalk and going into stores, just like we used to in Montrose. We waited for a cable car but the time ran out since we needed to get home to meet the plumber. (Valve for gas dryer was installed). Henry said that people kept looking at us. Whether it was Adam or Henry and I we’ll not know. But I guess we turn heads.

It was good to get out of the house.

While waiting for the plumber, I heard a little boy. His name was Roman and he was his grandfather Jeffery. So I invited our new neighbors into our messy house. They moved into the neighborhood a month ago. Roman is 3 and he and Adam played nicely. Jeffrey is a semi-retired artist with an English accent who’s lived in SF for 30+ years. It was Adam’s first play date.

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