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Flower Guy

Not my b-day or manniversary but was surprised to receive flowers at work to break up the “monotony”. That Nes is a great guy.

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Gay Country Song?

Sitting here drinking the last of our wine, wishing you were here and not back in San Jose, remembering how you like my neurotic dog. Oh to have another design home weekend and morning coffee with you on the patio. … Continue reading

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Boss’ Expectations

So let me get this right: you want me to learn proper boxing rules and regulations and I can only use those. Then, you send me into a street fight?

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Dog + Yoga = Doga?! Yes, only at the Pasadena Humane Society can you get a yoga class and bring your dog. Hmmm. I’ve had some doggie style maneuvers on my mind but this is not what I had in … Continue reading

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Last night talking

Talking to my guy last night and mimicking an English Finishing School head mistress. Him: is it odd that my b friend is an English woman? Me: not really – they both are kinda masculine!

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Potty Talk

See the full gallery on Posterous Very happy with new flooring; thanks Homo Depot for finally carrying premium grade instead K – 6 grade construction paper. YET, when I flush, water leaks at the base of the toilet. A true … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes . . .

And what a difference Advil makes. Taking my time to do it right. Men are basic and a lot like linoleum – lay them right the first time and you can walk on them for years.

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Bathroom Surprise

I should have known pulling up the 99 cent store linoleum would not go easy. Surprise – broken tiles underneath!! Proper Homo Dec√≥r dictates it all comes out. It’s like showering and putting you old underwear back on.

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