My happiest moment(s) today:

Hard to decide. First, I woke up with definite ideas on this house. Like, seriously where to set things up. (I took it kinda easy yesterday). Henry was helpful while Adam, once again, was plugged into the TV. Pictures started going up. We are in a nice enough old house but honestly I miss the La Crescenta house. Having the pictures up and more more boxes emptied have me an energy boost.

Adam got to see the peak by he house. It’s a nice community park with services like an auditorium, gym, playground toys. Adam rode his bike too. It was a nice day and we took PBJs for a lunch in the park.

The cable guy connected the cable and we have a wireless house again. Hello to Netflix and Hulu and my iPad. Civilization. I was so relieved I chilled for 30 mins.

For New Years Eve dinner I made chicken piccata again. I love how good it is and easy to make. It a warm and tasty with the noodles. Oh, and wine- yup, it’s been months but I uncorked.

A full day now that I think of it. A good day now that I’m reflecting on it.



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