Measuring progress by boxes.

The Moving in saga contributes. In not sure which day it is.

But I’m amazed that the furniture is set up in most of the Rooms. Once I get the space planning done it goes quickly. But until I get a vision of it there is no progress.

Henry has been wonderful. And at the same time I don’t have time for Adam like he’s used too. I feel badly but we also cannot live on box land for a month. That’s no way to live or help Adam adjust.

AAA has been having tummy aches and talks about home a tiny bit. Mostly it’s trains and movies and iPhone. He has some mild diarrhea but other than that he’s ok.

The ugly kitchen was large enough and the it’s done. I was really spoiled with my nice La Crescenta stove and cabinets; I really lived into it.

Dining room is set up and I found a place for the hideous breakfast bar. Room is set up pretty good. I couldn’t imagine how many toys he had. This is no joke I’m shocked and astonished at how many toys he has. I will be donating liberally because I have not got rid of any toys of his for the last two and half years.

My dad is set up in the dresser and nightstand are in place – but little else. I biggest personal triumph was finding my shampoo and body wash after two days.

Tonight I put my first screws in the wall by hung up the coat rack. It is San Francisco after all.







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