My happiest moment today:


Cleaning and repairing the dining room table that came from my mom’s place.

Over 25 years ago the dining room table at the house on Parker was central to our house. I remembered it as plain and a bit of a style miss and mix but it was ours.

When I bought this house the dining area needed “that” table. I knew that it was old enough to be retro, the mahogany would be priceless and my son could eat at the table I loved.

My mom, VRP, bought it in the early 80′s at Mrs. Simmons place on Pichacho ave in Las Cruces. I’m sure it was inexpensive and a 70′s piece that someone wanted to mimic the then newly popular Danish look but with a more traditional base.

It had been in a barn at the orchard for 5+ years and had dirt caked on it, some moisture had bowed the ends but not before the end caps popped off. There are gouges in the too and they look fresh and as if it was carelessly yanked from storage.

I placed a Craigslist ad to have it hauled here for $150 and actually found a taker/match a week later.

I dusted, washed, bleach whiped and the slathered on Pledge Restoring Oil. Found my wood clamps, a straight piece of wood, wood glue and the bowed area is correcting slowly.

And I love it all – the memories, the project and the prospect of the style that cannot be duplicated.

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One Response to My happiest moment today:

  1. Monica Olivas Montgomery says:

    Looks gorgeous! I will be over for dinner