I could be doing better in the food prep

Let’s face it – on the best of days I don’t cook but I heat and assemble. Here’s a string of events that have awakened me to how substandard it’s been since the move a month ago.

Friday nights Adam and I eat out. I tell myself we are searching for “our place” in our new town.

I let him graze in the grocery store all the time.

On Saturday we were headed back from Lowes a little late so I swing into the local KFC and got an Original recipe 8 piece meal to go. Trying to explain to AAA that we were not eating there was difficult.

Last night Adam said he was hungry and kept saying car. I thought he wanted to play with cars at the table and he cried as I buckled him in his high chair. I was during his melt down ( at first I thought he was THAT hungry) I realized he thought we drove to food.

So anyway,this morning I realize I didn’t do lunches for the week for him. It’s on my mind (guilt) that I should really cook. I decide wheat elbow pasta with a pamadoro sauce that I add carrot juice and broccoli to the sauce for a little health boost.

Adam wakes up and we go in the kitchen to get his morning milk – ” oh dang! Food Daddy”. He was soo happy!

Yeah, I hear you loud and clear AAA.

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