My happiest moment today:


Right now! I’ve made 4 runs to the new house today and each load is unpacked. And with a 2 year old in tow – I’m not superman and I’ll true confession in a moment. In fact, I’m frazzled.

Clothes and bedding washed, food in fridge, basic pots snd pans and dishes for 3 days,bathroom cleaned and stocked. Nap time at the new house and snacks. AND bath time in the new house.

Adam is back in his Pak-n-play for a good night’s sleep. I turned my back on him for 3 minutes and he trashed his room. Then had the nerve to throw a tantrum. So, I has one right back at him. It freaked him out and I don’t think I’ll do that again.

But that’s not all. I heard the front door open and the screen later and he was in the front yard; there is no fence or gate at the street. I tore after him and stopped him and scolded for the millionth time.

As he was walked to the house I tapped his diapered butt to speed him up. I was also coming down off my scary moment and I realized how kids get spanked. I freaked myself out. I’ve never laid a hand on him and I didn’t like the hurry-along-tap either.

After this I slowed down, had him help, asked him to check Zack and other tasks. It occurs to me as I’m writing that he’s under duress too even if he’s not packing and lugging boxes.

Tuesday the movers haul the big stuff over.

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