Ouch! Damn close to being an ER trip


I feel horrible. I was shopping for appliances at Warehouse Discount Center in Burbank and AAA ran into to corner or a BBQ grill.

We were leaving and I’d let him run around since they have lots of space and wide isles. Wouldn’t you know on the way out the door he caught a corner.

And, he already had a scab there from a day care accident; he hit the exact same place. The BBQ sliced him and a little more and we’d have had a gash and ER visit.

It’s that one spot (or divot) I worry about. It might be his first scar. He’s usually very coordinated but I’d have has his hand or carried him it was avoidable. He’s all boy do I let him run and explore and I feel horrible. Hard to find The Line.

Sure all the experienced parents can relate. The mommies are probably thinking “that’s what happens if you let them do that.”. The daddies are probably saying “it happens and you gotta ket them be boys”. Argh!!

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