Teddy Bear Picnic

Today was the 32nd Annual Teddy Bear Picnic at Little Bear School. Adam choose Adolf on his own, to attend. The Bears go to the park with the kids and then they are lined up and each kid gives a little tiny treat to each bear. 32 stuffed bears to be exact.

Adam was so exited and tonight I pretended that Adolf was whispering in my ear. AAA totally believed he was talking to me. I was a good actor at first. Stuff like “Adam, Adolph says you put him in a backpack for a long time.” Adam let me know that he had to in order to get on the bus and get him safely to the park.

One interesting thing about a parent. They approached the teacher because Adam’s bear is named Adolf and wanted to know why that name. The teacher said that I have a thing for ‘A’ names which isn’t the reason. But the nerve of some people.

The real story – the day I adopted Adam, the judge gave us this little white bear. In my mind, the name ‘Adolf’ was as close to ‘Adopt’ as I could get.

An once of pretension is would a pound of manure.



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