Allergic to . . .

At allergist today and apparently I’m a bigger mess than I realize. The breathing tests set off my lungs.

So they decided to test my allergies today, on the spot because it’s kinda bad. I just got poked with 32 stickers. The itching is maddening.

The good news is that I have time to sit here and get caught up in personal email and post. I can fidget with my phone to keep my mind off scratching.

It’s been brought ( correctly ) to my attention that I’ve been negligent of my friends and I’m truly sorry for that. My energy has been so low and my focus has been Adam and work with my limited energy. Hopefully this gets me back on track, fast!

After 10 mins all grass exposures have exploded – or at least really reacted. And they are supposed to take 15 minutes to react. Yeah, right!


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