What a day -

Vintage Zane. Big breakfast, ran pillows, throws, dog blankets, stuffed animals and anything else through the wash.

Golden Gate Park with Adam and his bike. While he napped I checked out a drag documentary and finished my living trust. Afterwards dusted and vaccumed (like moving sofas, tables and chairs) then played trains, and ordered Chinese take out.

Oh not yet – then trash out, poop picked up and weeds in sidewalk sprayed. With Adam in tow – interested and kinda helping on the afternoon.

He had an Adam forest with monsters while I sprayed weeds and he spotted poop for me to pick up. He also started this ‘Sir, yes sir’ military thing. It was cute and I played along.

Finally we took a bath together and chatted in the tub – we both enjoyed the face to face we shared.

The day had some friction points but I managed to keep my good mood and momentum. Grateful for the day off and although I didn’t hug a vet I’m aware my day is possible because of them.



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