My happiest moment today:

It was definitely the thanksgiving dinner event in Santa Monica. Not the food at Shutters, which is amazing – turkey, yams, squash soup with pumpkin, cranberries and stuffing, but the night. Oh, and it’s the first year adam ate turkey and not chicken nuggets too.

Adam woke up tired and not himself so the morning was truly not good. But he slept for 3.5 hours and was rested and ready for the beach. We saw the sunset and played in the sand burying his turtle eggs and crashing his plane into the sand. At dinner he was ok ( he’s usually really good ) bit no complaints. In fact, several families said he was a good boy. The Coast restaurant had little playdoh packages and we played with that. I made snails in honor of Turbo and Adam loved it.

After dinner we walked the boardwalk. We found swings and he had 20 minuets of that. Some monkey bars and climbing too. But the conversation was good. We heard the surf and talked about the waves. He told me I was his favorite and that his family is his friends. It was very sweet.

We drive home content and ready for bed. A happy Thanksgiving to be sure.




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