At 10:58 I wrote a post to record a validation I was looking for. To be honest I ask for confirmations and they usually don’t show.

But today it did. And I almost missed it. It was subtle and when I saw it, it took a moment to register. Now that I’m writing this i recall that I had a choice of 4 magazine to bring and I shuffled through them this morning and debated the holidays issues. Dunno why I decided on this one but here it is. And, I read the other on the flight here. Mmm.

I’ve created the 2nd bath at home. I brought one of the tiles with me because I need to paint the tub and match the paint. The tile was in my pocket and when I wrote my earlier post I was contemplating many things. I found it odd to have the tile and and decided what confirmation/validation/a sign would be based on that.

Well, fast forward . . . I’ve talked with people, wrote another post that I wish I had someone to talk to and started my magazine at dinner. I was so eyeing the light fixtures and then I saw the tiles and thought ” look how on style I am ” and then I saw the tubs. It still didn’t register. I started to flip the page and went back. Then slowly I remembered my post. Then the heading on that page “guest bath”. WHOA!

It’s here – it’s time. More later but hope had officially arrived.


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