My happiest moment(s) today:

Adam and I woke up rested and got bagels and fruit at the marina. Then off to seaworld.

We has breakfast with Shamu. But that’s really a generic name, Corky was the one that we watched while we are. Adam was impressed and the far off shows later didn’t hold his interest.

We did all the little kid rides twice and he was dragging. Walked the park and saw sea lions and dolphins and all that stuff.

By 3:30 he was out for a 3 hour nap, in the car. I stopped by the SD house and it’s still a good house. A little overgrown but a good house.

Then because of the time of day a trip up the 15 to get home. I talked to She’ll on the way home too. We caught up – it was nice and it passed the time.








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