My happiest moment(s) today:

It was this beautiful 70 degree so cal day and I’m not choosing:
1) morning at Lionheart Fitness in the park. Adam loved it and was very sweet with the other players. ( he kept checking in with me and I gave him a thumbs up and all morning long he gave me a smile and 2 thumbs up.). I also met the most wonderful parents and we talked preschool and kids – I felt included and one family live a mile from me.
2) I spent dedicated time with Zacki in the afternoon and he got a bath and coffee on like the old days.
3) I pushed the little bathroom forward. I was tired of it sitting there and so I came home, cut the wood, framed the half wall and it felt good. I was really motivated by my trip to Restore, the Habitat for Humanity store and my little custom finds.
4) had a long overdue chat with Patti Breyfogle. She’s a wonderful professional and friend and it feels good to have that caliber of person around.

I’m happy with today.


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