My happiest moment today:

*I started this daily note when my old phone was failing to post. Here is what I have up til now:
Nov 20 – holding Adam to my chest and really hugging him.Nov 21 – playing with Adam before bed by pretending to eat his belly and him wanting me to keep doing it; pulling my head by the hair to keep it going. His genuine laugh while we played.Nov 22 – when I picked up Adam at daycare and he lit up and came up to me with his little coat on, and smiled and wanted picked up.

Nov 23 – after a cranky night Adam was in his bath. After that he voluntarily wanted to hug and kiss me. Then wanted to lick me.

Nov 24 – Adam putting his hand on my shoulder as he watched TV; like a buddy.

Nov 30 – another pre-bed play session of tickle and kiss and pulling my head to pretend eat his tickle spots (armpits) it lasted for 30 mins.

Dec 1 – the heater kicked on when I upped the thermostat! What a relief when things work like they are supposed too! The power was still out from the night before and I’d had the heater worker on, on Monday since it wasn’t turning on smoothly.

Dec 2 – Adam’s first sentence. “I zee sack” for I see zack. He was on my bed looking out the window at our dog.

Dec 3 – the electricity coming back on at 1:20 pm. It had been out for 65 hours. Yeah!

Dec 5 – I had THE perfect cup of morning coffee. Brown sugar and milk.

Dec 6 – don’t know if happiest but adam was on floor acting like zack, the dog. Hilarious.

Dec 7 – toss up. Zack licking Adams toes while on the changing table. And, Adam kept trying to lick me to gross me out and make me laugh.

Dec 10 – giving Adam a warm Christmas cookie and he went “mmm”. I hadn’t made them since I was 18 and I’m now 46ish

Dec 13 – Zach was licking Adam’s feet and butt and jumping around and Adam was laughing and laughing. So much joy.

Dec 14 – seeing Adam, through the window, run to the door to greet me.

Dec 15 – during dinner Adam put his hand on my shoulder and leaned in for a kiss on the forehead and gave me a hug.

Dec 16 – playing with Adam and he was jumping into my hands and I was lifting him into the air. It was fun play!

Dec 18 – new game where Adam and I square off and stomp our feet. then we run towards each other and I scoop him up and kiss him.

Dec 20 – all of the time before bed, in the chair, unwinding and holding Adam and him playing with me face-to-face.

Dec 21 – tonight I was crawling on the floor after Adam, who was crawling too.

Dec 22 – getting Adam ready for his bath and Zack started to lick his little private parts. Adam was shocked and laughing – hilarious

Dec 24 – playing with Adam in the yard – gun running to me and I’d toss him in the air.

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