Poppa Zane? Yep!

Yesterday at 4:15 pm the call from social services finally arrived and true to form they needed an emergency placement of a little boy that needed a home. I was one of 2 candidates and would I mind driving NOW and they’d tell me on the way if I’d be the one chosen?
By 5:45 PM somehow the wires got crossed and the the 6 month old baby turned out to really be 15 months old and 25 lbs. And, I was the parent chosen – perfect.
At this time I’m not allowed to send photos or discuss much of the case but in the next 48 hours things will free up. The parental right are severed and reunification is not possible and if it all works out in 6 months the adoption will be finalized.
What I can share is that Andrew has light brown hair and blue eyes and teething and I got him to giggle when I squoze my water bottle too hard and missed my mouth. He fascinated by the dog and the dog keeps looking at me as if I betrayed him.
Not the typical way to start a family . . . but you have met me, right?! Bare with me while I rebalance me world – honestly it was the perfect timing with the team just built out and the summer seasonal lull at work.
Talk to you soon and feel free to pass along to others. I’m a little shell shocked at the moment and apologize for not sending directly to all my friends and family but with all the commotion and only a few hours of non-quality sleep it makes sense.
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