Diamonds, Dior and Marble Countertops?



It’s not what you think – the good life at a discount. Today is the day to cut the countertops for the kitchen . . . What am I thinking.

First it’s 96 inches of marble countertop from SilverLake Architectural Salvage for $200. (It weighs over 200 lbs and happily more than me.). But the lower cost means DYI.

From my research I need:
1) a diamond saw blade and OSH hooked me up
2) Measuring things; check, check and triple check
3) water saw – time to be creative and run water while cut. I’ve cut tile before so this is just bigger, right?!?
4) goggles. Check! My Dior sunglasses that are 5 seasons old wrap around and almost clear will be perfect.
5) delusional self-reliance – double check!

What have I committed myself to thus time?!?

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