My happiest moment(s) today:


I’m exhausted but here goes becuase there were a few:
1) Adam and Zackie watching cartoons while I cooked breakfast
2) a great visit from Daddy Erik and Imogene – sharing toys, looking at the house, eating cheeses, dinosaur puzzle, not sharing the tryke, pretend nap time (and a nice looking guy in the house)
3) putting up the Christmas tree – and, having gone through all the mental gymnastics last year it was easy and no decisions. AAA even remembered the tree
4) applying for ‘hope’ during my coffee time
5) finished shipping for Adam’s Christmas and that includes PJs
6) Emily telling me something like ” if coarse you’re tree is up, you’ve got it together’ – it was very touching since as a single parent I cannot do it all and feel like we are just ‘surviving’ some days.

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