My happiest moment today:

Getting face to face and nose to nose with Adam while he had the hiccups. It was silly and fun and we sat there eye to eye and laughed.
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3 Responses to My happiest moment today:

  1. Monica Olivas Montgomery says:

    I love to read your adventures. I would love to catch up in person. I will be in the LA area a weekend in Jan. Are you available to see an old friend?

    • zalexander says:

      of course! I think you’ll find my core self is the same but my surroundings are vastly different ;0)

      when in Jan?

      • Monica Olivas Montgomery says:

        I am taking my teens to Disney Jan 11 and 12. They are going with friends so I can leave and they won’t miss me. If you pick the day, time and place I will be there (thanks to GPS) and will see you. I have missed your core self.